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Magical weight loss with this original cabbage soup diet recipe

Welcome to my blog, you are here because you were searching for some soup recipes to lose your weight so here we have the original cabbage soup diet recipe for you. Most of men or women search for the recipes and tricks to lose weight quickly especially when they have to go on holiday or on their wedding. Taking fat burning pills is not too much safe and going for a workout not possible due to many reasons. In this situation, the diet plan can work better if followed properly. Although there are many options for weight loss like Best weight loss pills for men and Iaso tea and Best fat burners for women etc this original cabbage soup diet recipe is a good idea.

cabbage soup diet recipes 2020

Cabbage soup diet story!

how much weight did you lose on the cabbage soup diet?

Selina had to for a family function and wanted to lose at least 10 to 20 pounds in one month. But how that was a big question. Then she came to know about the cabbage soup diet plan. She searched on many online magazines and blogs about the Original cabbage soup diet recipe. After getting the Cabbage soup diet recipe. She worked on it strictly and after one month she achieved her target. She lost almost 15 pounds. So if you also want to lose your weight quickly. Then must try this cabbage soup diet 2020.

What did she learn after Cabbage soup diet?

It is amazing, it works, it helps in losing weight quickly.Cabbage soup diets help in cutting the calories, bad sugar and carbohydrates in the body.

Original cabbage soup diet recipe

Does cabbage soup diet help in weight loss?

how to make cabbage soup for weight loss?

Cabbage soup diet is the best diet plan that helps in minimizing the calories in the body. Anyhow it is not going to be a tough diet. You can eat some vegetables, chicken, fruits and brown rice as per given schedule. Cabbage soup helps in losing the weight because it limits the calories intake in your body. While taking this Cabbage soup, you avoid protein, carbohydrates and of course some minerals. This process takes one week so it helps in losing weight quickly and effectively.

how much weight did you lose on the cabbage soup diet?

Do share your experience after trying it!

Original cabbage soup diet recipe

Cabbage Soup Diet: Pros

  •  The cabbage soup diet is cheap

  • great quick fix for a special event

  • Cabbage has many health benefits

  • contains plenty of fiber and antioxidants, low-calorie vitamin C.

     Cabbage Soup Diet: Cons

  •  Some experts say the weight loss is temporary

  • Weakness

  • Laziness

  • low blood sugar and pressure

  • decreased concentration

cabbage soup diet recipe 7 day plan

Things to be eat in this Cabbage soup diet plan 

cabbage soup diet recipe variations

   Monday:       Fruit, except banana

       Tuesday:       Vegetables (greens)

      Wednesday:     Fruits and vegetables

      Thursday:       Low-fat milk and banana

       Friday:           Beef or chicken with tomatoes

       Saturday:      Beef and vegetables

        Sunday:       Brown rice, Fresh  fruit juices, vegetables

Original cabbage soup diet recipe


Original cabbage soup diet recipe 2020

cabbage soup diet recipe 2020

new cabbage soup diet recipe

The original cabbage soup is one of the best detox soup ever and everyone should try it must.

best cabbage soup recipe is here for you.

cabbage soup diet ingredients

Ingredients of cabbage soup

  • green onions 6

  • green peppers 2

  • tomatoes 2

  • carrots 3

  • mushrooms 1 container

  • celery 1 bunch

  • cabbage small or half

How to cook?

  • Slice or cut all ingredients and add in a pot.

  • Add some 4 cup of water.

  • Add salt and other flavors

  • you can add beef or chicken

  • You can use beef or chicken

  • cook for one hour


Everyone has a question in mind that does the cabbage soup diet work?

Original cabbage soup diet recipe 2020 is the best option to lose your weight simply at home. Soup diet 7 day is the best for reducing weight. For this purpose, there are many diet plans and soup diet recipes available on the internet. The cabbage soup diet is one of the most popular soup diet this year. Cabbage soup with hamburger gives an amazing taste. We have given it details with all advantages and disadvantages as well. The only thing that is important is to believe. Always believe in yourself what you are going to do that will work actually.