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Home remedies for dry skin in 2020: #Olive oil is best

Dry and rough skin is a common problem in winter and changing the weather so everyone wants to know about the home remedies for dry skin. Dry skin is also due to the dehydration, age factor, and some other internal problem as well.Let’s find the Simple,quick and easy home remedies for dry skin.

You can find a lot of lotions and products for your skin but the best one is the natural one. Here in this article, we will tell you some simple and easy home remedies for dry skin.

home remedies

best remedies for Dry skin 

These are very effective having no side effects. Honey for dry skin

Honey is the best moisturizer for your dry skin.Take some honey and rub it on your hands and face .Wash it after 1o minutes, you will be surprised to see the magical effects of honey.

Home remedies for dry skin in 2020

Olive Oil for dry skin

Take some olive oil and rub on your body gently.Let it dry on your skin, use this twice a week. Your skin will become soft and smooth.

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Coconut oil for dry skin

Coconut oil is also very effective for dry skin treatment. Apply this gently on your skin twice a week. It will make your skin moisturized and smooth.

olive oil for dry skin

Yogurt and milk

Yogurt and milk are very cool agents for your dry skin. It not only make your skin moisturized but also make it clean and clear as well.

Yogurt and milk

Besan for dry skin

Besan is also very effective to make your skin smooth and soft. Apply the paste of basin twice a week for good results.

Yogurt and milk
Glycerin for dry skin

Glycerin makes your skin very gentle and soft quickly. You can use it whenever to feel any dryness

Yogurt and milk
Drink plenty of water and fresh juices to make your skin smooth. Always take proper sleep and eat the balanced diet for a good health and skin. Avoid chemical products and always use homemade things for good and long lasting results.

water and fresh juices