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Are potatoes fattening : health benefits, nutrition facts and risks

Are potatoes fattening or Are potatoes good for you, these are the common question in the mind of potato lovers but weight conscious people around the world. Potatoes are mostly loved and liked by everyone and it is the fourth crop that is most consumed in the world but Are potatoes fattening this question irritates a lot. Are potatoes good for you or not, here we will try to figure out some realities about the potatoes.

Are potatoes fattening?

Potato is one of the most used vegetables around the world. It can be eaten in many forms like fried, boiled, steamed or cooked. But when we eat potato too much fried in oil or with too much cream and butter it can lead to weight gain. It can also lead to some dangerous diseases like diabetes, heart disease etc.

So the main point we all should agree is the way of eating potato make it a fattening diet, not the potato itself!

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the potatoes that it is fattening diet. This is all due to the unawareness about the nutrition facts as well as the unhealthy ways to prepare potatoes.

 Are potatoes fattening

Nutrition Fact of Potato

Potato is one of the most energetic and highly nutritional vegetables in the world.

Nutrition in 100-gram potato

Energy          97 calories

fats                0.1 gram

protein           1.6 gram

Carbohydrates  22.6 gram

Vitamin C                     17 mg

Fiber                            o.4 gram

The daily amount of potato intake should not increase more than 40 gram.

Benefits of potatoes

  • Highly nutritious and rich in energy. Having the rich amount of starch the carbohydrates. It has some amount of minerals as well like vitamin c, vitamin b group and some antioxidants as well.
  • It is rich in amino acid as well as having 7 percent protein.
  • Potatoes have only 0.1 gram fats that mean they are not fattening at all.
  • Potatoes are helpful for high blood pressure. It contains Potassium that makes it best remedy for high blood pressure.
  • Raw potato juice has been used as the treatment of indigestions, ulcers, constipation and liver disorders in traditions.
  • One and only vegetable that provides everything from protein to fiber and from iron to carbohydrates.

 Are potatoes fattening

 How to eat potatoes?

  • The best form to eat the potato is when it is boiled.
  • steamed potato with sauce is also a tasty and healthy option.
  • Potato in grilled form is also very tasty and healthy.
  • Roasted potatoes are also very good in health value and taste.
  • Baked potatoes look yummy and have great value.
  • Mixed with other vegetables
  • Mixed with white meat or red meat increases its nutritional value.

Healthy ideas for potato lovers

Potato recipes 2018

Baked potatoes

These are so delicious and low fat that you can take it daily. Adding some good flavors and sauces make it more delicious.

Roasted Potatoes

Roasted with lemon and olive oil with bbq sauce they rock.

 Are potatoes fattening

Potato Salad

With olive oil, vinegar, beans and mayonnaise it gives the great taste.

Potato Stakes

Steamed with chicken and presented with black pepper and mustard sauce it is just mouth watering.

Are potatoes fattening

Potato cheese balls

Boiled potatoes with cheese and breadcrumbs give a delicious taste experience.