Wisdom Teeth

After wisdom teeth removal how my life totally changed in 2020

Today I am going to tell a very heart touching story about the After wisdom teeth removal how my life totally changed and what I learn? I can’t tell  After wisdom teeth removal what I’ve learned and my lifestyle totally changed. Only one wisdom tooth removal changed my complete lifestyle. But how for this purpose you have to read my story.

After wisdom teeth removal

After wisdom teeth removal

I am Sara,23 years old and I was a lazy girl who never brushed her teeth regularly. While I was too much greedy for drinking a lot of soda drinks all day. Especially before bedtime, it was my habit to eat chocolates and chewing gums while watching the mobile.

When I used to wake up for college then it was too late so I used to rush to my college without eating breakfast or taking milk. In my college, I used to take some chips or snacks and after coming home again bad routine.

One night I was sleeping when I felt too much harsh pain in my mouth and it was not bearable. It was too much severe that I can’t describe, I rushed to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth but it became more severe. Even I didn’t know where the pain is actually.

I took some pain killer and slept for a while. In the morning I went to a dentist who made me shocked by telling that I have cavities in my 3 teeth and two of them needed to be extracted as soon as possible.

The treatment was so expensive with the Tooth Extraction Cost 2020.

so I have to sell my mobile and then started the treatment. After wisdom teeth removal

the two weeks were very difficult but I promised to Allah that I will never be careless about my teeth and health.

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 Then after this surgery now I have my own dental tools, I have my own cleaning kit. Moreover, I daily brush my teeth 3 times a day and rinse with a good mouthwash. This is my story hope you have learned something from it. Teeth are a gift from Allah to times these are the free but third time you have to pay.