Why we need clean drinking water : How to purify water ?

clean drinking water

Water is one of the basic need of human body and every human needs clean drinking water but how to get this drinkable water and how to purify water we don’t know much about it.Do the water in taps is drinkable for us or not and how to make it healthy to drink. Let’s try to find the answers about how to purify water.

Water is very important for us as our body weight is more than fifty person contains water. Water helps in keeping the body temperature and blood flow level normal.

 How to purify water?

Water helps us to waste bad things in the body through sweat and urine etc. Everyone should take proper water in daily routine. If we will drink less water then we have to face a lot of complications. We will face dehydration, skin problems, weakness, constipation and many other problems.
clean drinking water


How much water we should take every day

Most of the doctors say that everybody should drink at least 8 glass every day. If you are doing some extra effort like exercise then you should need more water. In winter body need less water than summer. We can get water intake from tea, soups, juices and some fruits and vegetables as well.
clean drinking water


        Why we need clean drinking water?

Clean water for drinking is very important for us. Because if it is not clear it has some harmful bacteria and parasites in it. It can also contain wastage of chemicals from industries. These can cause a lot of stomach and health problems for us.

clean drinking water


How to get drinkable water?

If we want to make our water drinkable then we have to use boiled or filtered water for good health.You can choose any filtering system but you need to maintain this system continuously.

clean drinking water