What is sleep paralysis : When We can’t wake up and Unable To Move

What is sleep paralysis

What is sleep paralysis, everyone wants to know because it happened many times when we Can’t Wake up in the night but we are unable to move? Most of us don’t know that What is sleep paralysis and why it happened to us? and why we Can’t Wake up.

              What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is actually a complex state of body and mind. When our body don’t response but our mind is wake up.

It happens during the mid situation of sleep and wakefulness according to the WebMD.

What is sleep paralysis

Most of us have experienced this many times but don’t understand and take it as a mystery. In this condition, we see everything around us but we are speechless and can’t move even a finger.

Can’t Wake up 

The mind is fully working but body fully paralyzed. A person when can’t control his body becomes terrified.Anyhow, this is a normal condition and harmless to the body.

What is sleep paralysis

Why it happens let’s find it, after sleeping our body get full relax but mind becomes less aware it is called the state of Hypnagogic sleep paralysis. While in hypnopompic sleep paralysis some part of brain wakes but can’t control the body.

Many people face it many times and some never faced it even once in life.A study tells about this sleep paralysis at Penn State Universtiy that from every 100 only 8 percent face this sleep paralysis.

What is sleep paralysis


This problem occurs in the people with depression and sleeping disorders and who take some medicine as well. The unhealthy sleeping routine is also a major cause of this.

Is Sleep paralysis / Can’t Wake up 

 is a serious issue?

There is no specific treatment for this disorder as it is a natural disorder.So, when you go through this experience don’t get upset. It will go back very soon, you need to stay relaxed.This is not a disease but just a sleeping disorder that needs no medication.