What is fertilization and why is it important to know for us ?

What is fertile

What is fertilization, it is a term for the woman that is about to get pregnant as she can get pregnant only six days in a month that is called fertile days.  Every woman is only ready or able to conceive for only six days. During the month cycle only these six days are important for fertility.What is fertilization, it means getting ready for the reproduction process?

What is Fertile?

What is Fertile Window?

The most chance of getting pregnant are on ovulation day. Despite irregular monthly cycle, it can be predicted. How and when women could be fertilized it is easy to know.

The intercourse of couples can result of conception during these six days.These six days time period can be named as the fertile window.

What is fertile

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What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the time of every woman when her ovaries release an egg. This egg is released into a fallopian tube. It gets fertilized if sperm from partner releases here. The released egg could be fertilized in 24 hours.


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Accordingly, If any women want to know about getting fertile. She must know clearly her monthly period’s cycle.During fertility day women feel different emotional and psychological changes.

Fertility is to be able to have children or reproduce.While Fertile means the ability to get pregnant.

How to get pregnant?

Both men and women are equally responsible for fertility. Men should have enough and healthy sperm.Women should have an ovalized egg to fertilize.

In most simple words Fertile means you are able to reproduce.It is only possible when an egg of women will be fertilized by a men sperm. This fertilized egg goes to the fallopian tube. For fertility, a Women must be able to release an egg while men should have healthy and active sperm.The process of fertility is completed by both men and women.