Top 5 and the Best hair growth vitamins everyone should take

Best hair growth vitamins

Having beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of every men and woman but mostly don’t have so here we are giving the details about the best hair growth vitamins for men and women. Most of us are facing with different hair problems like damaged hair, light hair, weak hair and less hair growth as well. There are many reasons for the low hair and slow growth. We do not take best hair growth vitamins that are required for good hair health. It is also not possible to take all necessary nutrients from our routine diet.

Why we need best hair growth supplements?

As we said above, we can’t take all necessary vitamins through our routine diet. Anyhow, we need many important nutrients and vitamins for good health of hair. For this purpose, most of us go for the supplements for hair growth. If your hair is falling quickly and day by day then take the faster hair growth supplements.There are also many tablets or Best hair growth pills are available in the market. We all should need some good supplements for hair growth and thickness. You can take it both forms like liquid, powder or hair growth pills that actually work.

Best hair growth vitamins

Best hair growth vitamins

If we need to improve our hair growth then we should also add some hair growth vitamins in our routine diet. After adding these in our diets we do not need to take any supplements for hair growth.

Here are the best vitamins for hair growth.

1. Vitamin C -best vitamin for hair growth

Vitamin c is one of the most required and important vitamins for hair growth. It protects us from many diseases and boosts our immune system. The most important benefit of Vitamin c is that it helps the collagen in the body that are essential for hair, skin and nails growth and health. It helps in protecting the body tissues from damage. It stops the growth of free radicals that damage hair growth.

Foods having Vitamin C

Oranges, broccoli, kale,  papayas, strawberries, brussels sprouts, guava, kiwi, and red bell peppers.

Best hair growth vitamins

2.Vitamin B complex – best vitamin for hair growth

All vitamin b is good and necessary for human body and health. All group of vitamin B like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12 are important to keep us healthy. It helps in boosting our energy, muscles, skin, nails, hair, metabolism and nerves. It is best for promoting cell growth that helps the healthy.

Foods having Vitamin B plus

Meats, eggs, nuts, grains, and vegetables

3. Biotin – best vitamin for hair growth

Biotin is one of the most used supplements for faster hair growth. It, not only helps in producing glucose but it also breaks the proteins into amino acids.Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient or vitamin. Now, most of the hair products have Biotin.These are the best vitamins for hair growth and thickness

Foods having Vitamin B plus

Salmon, peanut butter, mushrooms, avocados, eggs and many other foods have biotin.These are also the vitamins for thinning hair.

4.Vitamin E, A, and D

All these vitamins are very healthy for skin, body and hair growth. These are easily available in daily food items.

Vitamin A:  Carrots, melons, and dark leafy greens

Vitamin D:  Fish, eggs, mushrooms, and milk

Vitamin E: Almonds, seeds, avocado, and broccoli

So, these are the hair vitamins that everyone should take for good hair health.The most of above are the best hair vitamins for black hair. Take a balanced diet and try to add the vitamins for faster hair growth.