Today cell phone addiction has become the biggest after Sex and Casino

smartphone addiction

Today cell phone addiction has become the biggest after Sex and Casino if you don’t believe then read these questions and answer. Have you been addicted to your smartphone?How much do you have the cell phone addiction?

Mobile phone addiction checklist

Just answer the following questions!

Do you see your mobile phone constantly for a long time without any reason? feel uncomfortable without your mobile phone?

Or feel uncomfortable without your mobile phone?

Do you give preference to your mobile than social activities?

Or you check your mobile phone off and on during the night?

If your answer is yes then you need some treatment as you are addicted to your mobile to the dangerous level.

smartphone addiction


Cell phone addiction

According to a research, In Asia students and children, are becoming addicted to mobile so badly that is causing many psychological disorders.

According to a research conducted on 1000 school students, 72 percent school kids are using mobiles and spending 4 to 5 hours daily in using smartphones.This research is published this year.

The  Consultant Psychiatrist Thomas Lee says,”That Mobile Addiction should announce as a mental disease by  government level in Asia”.He believes that mobile phone addiction is same strong like Sex or Casino Addiction. The Addicted persons have the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and anger like the drugs addicted patients.

smartphone addiction
China has also declared the Smartphone addiction as a mental disease. There are several clinics opened to give the treatment for this disease. “Nomophobia” is  the most common disease of this smartphone addiction . In this , a patient feels upset when he is not having his mobile in his hand. Experts believe that this disease is increasing in Asia region, especially in school kids.

smartphone addiction