Tennessee Mesothelioma Attorneys


Tennessee Mesothelioma Attorneys.We will brief  everything about  Tennessee Mesothelioma Attorneys in this article but before this an introduction about Asbestos is important.Asbestos is a valuable mineral but having very harmful effects on the body. It is a basic cause of many harmful diseases including  mesothelioma, lung cancer,  and asbestos. According to the report of World Health Organization it caused more than 17,000 deaths in USA due to mesothelioma. Asbestos is being used in many products like brakes, , concrete, flooring, pipeline wrap, clothing, roof coatings, floor tile, much more.


There are some common diseases that are related to asbestos effects in Tennessee are  Lung cancer, Mesothelioma , Asbestos and some other cancers, the asbestos can also effect some other parts of body like kidney , heart and liver as well.The state of Tennessee  has two industries where use of asbestos is very common. First industry is of paper and pulp and second is electric power.

The first one International paper named as Evergreen and its Company headquarter is in Memphis. The Second one is generated from hydroelectric plants , gas and Col , nuclear fuel and wind turbines as well. The most dangerous thing is that the all plants have asbestos due to its properties of insulation.


According to the statistics of Tennessee about 676 victims of asbestos diseases found there due to the paper and electric power industries.

Tennessee (TN) Asbestos Cancer & Mesothelioma Treatment Centers

After the growing number of patients of mesothelioma and other cancers many treatment centers are available in Tennessee.  A list has been provided below located in Tennessee.

Memphis, Tennessee  Center

Memphis Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Memphis, Tennessee Center

Memphis, Tennessee Center


Now we will discuss about the Tennessee Mesothelioma  Attorneys as well.

The state of Tennessee is ranked in the U.S. for mesothelioma cases at 24 number. Tennessee has a mesothelioma mortality rate of 7.09 per million that is very low rank.

If someone is the resident of Tennessee and unfortunately suffers from  mesothelioma .He must quickly consult a mesothelioma attorney or lawyer  after the diagnosis of this killer disease. Keep it in your mind that there is no proper statute about mesothelioma in Tennessee. The first priority of victim should find a proper mesothelioma lawyer to get the compensation for this disease.