Symptoms of low testosterone in men and its effects on Men’s health

low testosterone in men

You are on this page because you were searching for the Symptoms of low testosterone in men and effects on men’s health as Symptoms of low testosterone in men are very common.

It affects men’s health overall from physical to psychological aspects. Symptoms of low testosterone differ from men to men depending on their age and reasons.

Signs of low testosterone in men

Testosterone levels in men are always different. Generally,  this problem starts when a man faces hypogonadism condition. This is a situation in men in which the body could not produce at least normal range of testosterone. The common symptoms of low testosterone are genitalia, delayed puberty, lack of some sexual abilities. This could be low in young or middle-aged and old men as well. After middle age, the decrease in the level of testosterone could be due to age-related issues. The symptoms for this will be different like depressing mood, sex disability, low level of energy as well.

Symptoms of low testosterone and effects on Men's health
Symptoms of low testosterone in men


The common symptoms due to lack of testosterone in men are almost same. Most of the men with low testosterone have the common symptoms of continued lack of energy, fatigue, depression and lack in the drive of sex. After seeing the symptoms of low testosterone, and low testosterone hormone a blood test is also important to diagnose the level and decrease in testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone and effects on Men's health
Symptoms of low testosterone in men

Hypogonadism the major cause of low testosterone can happen to any men at any age. The symptoms in men in younger age could be the low development of muscles, no body changes in voice with the age, the small size of testicles and pennies. These issues create some further complications in men later like infertility problem, breast issue, sex drive decreases and erectile dysfunction even.

Symptoms of low testosterone and effects on Men's health
Symptoms of low testosterone in men

Low testosterone has a lot of bad impacts and negative effects on human body. Most of the men feel always fatigued, weak, stressed and mentally disturbed as well. Low testosterone can easily be diagnosed with some simple blood tests. These tests are helpful in order to know the level of testosterone in the human body.

how to treat low testosterone

There are many ways to treat the low testosterone in men.

  1. The skin patch is the best way in which a patch is applied after 24 hours.
  2. Gels are also effective to boost the levels.
  3. Tablets are also best twice a day.
  4. Pellets are used under the skin that releases the testosterone.
  5. Injections can raise the level of testosterone high.

Natural low testosterone treatment

Here are some tips to boost your testosterone naturally.

  1. Reduce weight

  2.  Exercise daily

  3. Take Zinc

  4. Improve Vitamin D Level

  5. Reduce tension and stress

  6. Take less Sugar

  7. Eat Healthy diet

low testosterone causes

  1. stress and fatigue.

  2. Unhealthy nutrition.

  3. Low vitamin D

  4. Weight and obesity

  5. Laziness and sitting

  6. Use of drugs

high testosterone symptoms

increase testosterone has these symptoms

  • Oily skin

  • Swelling in the prostate.

  • Breast enlargement.

  • Sleep issue

  • Decreased size of testicle

  •  Sperm count decreased

Low testosterone supplements

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