If you have low sperm count then know about the things that destroy your sperm

low sperm count

Low sperm count has become the common issues of men’s health now but most of them don’t bother to know what are the reasons of low sperm count in men. Moreover what actually destroys the sperm and causes the Low Testosterone?

There are many causes of lower sperm count in males. Some of the causes are just due to our daily routine so what causes low sperm count in men let’s know. After this, we can go towards the treatment for low sperm count in male infertility.

Things that cause low sperm count

Male infertility is also increasing day by like women but most of the men don’t take it seriously. That’s why after many years they fail to become a dad.

According to the National fertility organization Resolve, one couple of every 8 has trouble in becoming fertile and one of three is due to male infertility issues like low sperm or dead sperm count.

Why it happens and why this problem is increasing in men let’s find out the reasons with us in this article.

low sperm count

Continues Sitting

The first and the most dangerous thing that creates this infertility problem in men is too much sitting. Watching TV for hours and then go to the bed.

Lack of Sleep

The less you sleep the lesser will be the sperm count. Lack of sleep disturb your sperm count and make you lazy. It effects on the testosterone of men as well. Good sleep is necessary for sperm production.

Wrong Lube usage

Using the wrong lube is also very dangerous for men sperm count. It not only lower the sperm count but also disturbs the motility of sperm towards eggs. The different lubes have some medications that kill the sperm as well.

Unhealthy diet

Taking unhealthy diet is also very dangerous for sperm count. Men who take too much caffeine, tea, alcohol, junk food and an unhealthy diet have low sperms. Taking too much sugar or processed food also damage the sperm count. On the other hand, if they focus on a good diet like Fish, milk, and almonds these type of foods can make your sperms healthy.

low sperm count

Too much stress

Stress is the killer of sperm. Always remaining in stress makes your sperm count low and affect the motility of sperm as well.

Keeping mobile in jean’s pocket

This is quite surprising but true that keeping your smartphone in your pocket is very harmful to sperm motivation. It can hurt your sperm movement. According to a British review, the phone radiation can damage the sperm.

Jockey underwear and Tighty Whities Are Killing the men Sperm is it right?

Tighty Whities are the men underwear but researchers believe that it causes infertility problem in men.Tighty Whities are now in trends and more research is required for that.So we have shared the reasons and causes of low sperm count and  Low Testosterone in men and women. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you.