Jogging in a Jug : Try this miracle drink in this summer

Jogging in a Jug

Have you heard about the Jogging in a Jug if not then you must read this article as we are going to discuss each and everything about this jogging miracle drink?It is a dietary supplement that is like a juice and it has been created by the former dairy farmer of Alabama Jack McWilliams.Jogging in a Jug is very tasty and full of health and you do not need to buy it because you can make it at home easily. 

Jack McWilliams used this drink with his wife to remain healthy and he also marketed this drink in the 1990s. Anyhow he had to face charges from FTC then settled on 1995.

Jogging in a Jug

Jogging in a Jug: Ingredients

Apple Cider Vinegar is the key ingredient of this miracle juice.

Amazing benefits of Jogging in a Jug

  1. It has fat burning properties, taking this for two months can make you super fit.

  2. It improves your metabolism by improving your cell functions.

  3. Burns accumulated fat and helps in maintaining a good weight.

  4. Good in heart disease and controls the heart attack symptoms.

  5. Lowering the risks of cancer and make the cells stronger.

  6. Cleaning the organs inside the body like liver, arteries, and kidneys.

  7. Improves digestion and relieves from any kind of illness.

  8. Acts as a detoxifier and antioxidant.

  9. Relieves symptoms of the common cold and flu. Gives the good heat in winter.

  10. Helps in quick weight loss than any other supplement.

  11. Removes plaque from arteries by making them clean.

  12. Keeps soft muscle tissue flexible and soft.

  13. Cure headaches and backaches,

  14. Improves immunity system of humans.

  15. Lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure.

  16. Suitable for constipations and other stomach issues.

  17. Helps in controlling the blood sugar levels on both ends.

  18.  Reduces joint pain from age factor, bone weakness or hormone disturbance as well.

Jogging in a Jug

How to make the Jogging in the jug?

It is easy to make it yourself and economical as well.

Red grape juice            1 quartApple juice                  2 quartsApple cider vinegar     3/4 cuphoney                        3/4 cup

Mix together all things and keep in a bottle.You need to drink 4 spoons daily.

Jogging in a Jug the magical drink 

Jogging in a Jug is a mixture of Apple vinegar with some other juices. Although it is available in the market one can make it easily at home. This is a diet supplement that promises good health. But in my opinion, if you make it at home then it will be more effective and economical. Jogging in a jug is a good health drink in summer that everyone must try. This is one of the best bodybuilding supplement as well like the Transparent labs preseries bulk and others.