In vitro gametogenesis : New infertility technology in 2018

in-vitro gametogenesis

In Vitro gametogenesis could be the most common new infertility technology in 2018  but what does IVG mean and what its process, cost, and risks? The first IVF baby was Louise Brown and after him, many thousands and millions of couples become fertile and parents. This In Vitro gametogenesis could be the possible future infertility technology which is at the infant stage right now!

The fertility treatment is becoming more and faster and easier day by day. Scientists are working hard on infertility issues, Now, they have the better understanding of infertility reasons and treatments.The upcoming health technology in 2018 will be the in-vitro gametogenesis IVG.

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Would the In-vitro gametogenesis be the new infertility technology in 2018? For this purpose, we should know about the gametogenesis.This is the method in which the scientists are going to create the human sperm and eggs from the skin ( pluripotent stem cells).It is not still clear that when this technology will be used successfully in human beings. However, it is successful in mice.This infertility technique has some ethical issues and concerns as well so health scientist and lawmakers are also working on it.We can’t say it right now that when this technology will be applicable to human couples.

What is IVG (In-vitro gametogenesis )?

Gametogenesis 2018

IVG is the generation of sperm and eggs from the stem cells taken from an adult body or skin tissues. The gametes can help in making the embryos finally. The success of this technology will lead to many future innovations in infertility in coming years. There is a possibility to test this technology in 2018 if the lawmakers could answer the ethical issues.

Gametogenesis,  IVG will help the couples in different kinds of infertility.In upcoming future, it can lead to many reproductive methods and treatments. It can help those females who don’t have egg production and for men who don’t have sufficient sperms.

The best beneficiary of this treatment will be the older couples. For older women, it is difficult to produce their own eggs so this method will help them to start their family in late 50s as well.IVG can improve the current ivf icsi technique as well. As current IVF process is not comfortable for women.

in-vitro gametogenesis

Ethical issues of IVG

In-vitro gametogenesis 2018

This new infertility technique could be very risky while having many ethical issues. .It can lead to brand babies as parents will have more chances to take the embryo of their choice.On the other hand, if scientists will create many embryos then it will lead to many moral and religious issues as well.

IVG, in vitro gametogenesis, is now another new technique for regeneration of human.It is revealed in an article published in Science Translational Medicine by the professor of Harvard Law School named I. Glenn Cohen, George Q, the Dean of Harvard Medical School. The former dean of medicine and biological sciences Eli Y. Adashi also participated in this research.

The research believes that the IVG technology will not only help in infertility issue but also in the untreatable diseases as well.

Anyhow, they believe that this treatment comes with some ethical issues. They believe that to apply this process, first of all, they need a joint conversation and discussion among policymakers, lawyers, bioethicists, and scholars and scientists.

in-vitro gametogenesis

They believe that IVG will help to indicate and resolve many inherited diseases. It will be helpful for those who have lost their productivity due to cancer or other serious diseases.

It will produce rapid and cheap multiple embryones this could be unethical. It could also affect the real meaning of parenthood. So let see what happens in this regard. Hope for the best.

in-vitro gametogenesis

In vitro gametogenesis cost

In vitro gametogenesis is under experiment and development. Still ,it has never been done in male or female humans. So we can not tell the exact cost anyhow it will be cheaper than Icsi ivf according to scientists.

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Icsi ivf 2018  and  In vitro gametogenesis, both are for serving the humans for infertility issue.But the IVG 2018 is going to rock if it will satisfy the ethical values.