Icsi ivf meaning ,process and chances to having a baby

icsi ivf

Icsi ivf are different treatments for infertility and both are very effective for having a baby. The chances of pregnancy are different in ratio. First of all, we should know about its Icsi ivf meaning, process, and chances to having a baby.

Icsi , stands for Intra cytoplasmic sperm injection. In this process, the sperm of male is injected into an egg of the female. In this process, the egg is fertilized in the proper lab of IVF. The egg is collected from the female before this. This process is very much effective for infertility issue in men and women.

Icsi ivf meaning ,process and chances to having a baby

icsi ivf

Icsi IVF  

However, it is used mainly in the male infertility cases.
The sperm of male is picked through a special needle designed for the purpose. This process is done by embryologists. After the collection of sperm, it is sent in the outer part of the female egg through this special needle very carefully. In this way, the sperm is sent through injection in the deeper and inner part of female egg’s cytoplasm.

icsi ivf
Before collecting the egg of female she must be given medicines for strong stimulation. It could be through medicines or injections as well. After this, she could be able to obtain 2 or 3 strong eggs for is if.

icsi ivf

Normally, after this process, 70 to 80 percent eggs get normal fertilization.IVF is recommended in a case of male infertility, low sperm count, dead sperms. The chances of success are different but normally 70 to 80 percent eggs fertilized after IVF. The rates are different for region to region anyhow the minimum cost starts from $2000 t onward.