I love chocolate but worried from chocolate allergy : Do you ?

chocolate allergy

Chocolate is loved by many people but some can face problems after eating it due to having the chocolate allergy as I love chocolate but worried from chocolate allergy. Like other as among different foods allergies chocolate allergy is also included now.The Allergy from cocoa originally is very rare anyhow it could cause due to the ingredients in it like nuts, dairy, and other things. I love chocolate but can’t eat daily because sometimes you are allergic to the chemicals added to chocolate to preserve it. Some ingredients added in chocolate could also cause allergies like gluten, corn syrup, food colors, and flavors.

           For the love of chocolate

I can do anything for the love of chocolate 

I can even die for the love of chocolate 

               I Love chocolate 

I’m never late for my chocolate

But when I eat my favorite chocolate

My blood gives the high rate

When I have itching and rashes on my face gate

I just hate no wait

just chocolate 

         I Love chocolate 


The common from chocolate can vary from person to person. Anyhow some are common in all allergic to chocolate like itching, rashes, headache and breathing problems as well.

Almost all food allergies have some common signs like itching, rashes, skin .redness, skin.Another symptom is the bad respiratory system like a dry cough, runny nose, sneezing are common signs of allergy.

chocolate allergy


sometimes after eating chocolate, we may have headaches. This is due to the caffeine and other chemicals that cause headaches. The people already suffering from a migraine should avoid taking it.

chocolate allergy

Mouth swelling is also a rare symptom of chocolate eating. Eating too much chocolate can cause swelling in kids mouth and around lips.

Blood pressure variation is also a common sign of 30 age. Eating a lot of chocolate can create cardiovascular problems in some peoples.

chocolate allergy

Many people can have stomach issues with chocolate like heart burning, acidity, upset digestive system, nausea, stomach ache as well.
Anyhow, there is no vast and wide research done on chocolate allergies by food scientists. But whenever people have some issues after eating chocolate they relate it to the chocolate.

chocolate allergy

So if you are fond of eating chocolate then don’t worry. Maybe you have allergy from its ingredients, not from the Chocó itself. It is better to read the ingredients of chocolate before eating it.