Know everything about the hyperextended knee and its treatment

hyperextended knee

Today we are going to share each and everything about the hyperextended knee, symptoms and its treatment. First of all, we must know what is the hyperextended knee? This is a severe and painful injury in which the knee becomes straightens too much and then becomes forcefully backward. This situation is faced mostly by the athletes and sports persons.But this is not hard and fast rule and everyone can get this injury, unfortunately.

 Hyperextension means back extension that used for the lower, mid and upper back But when this happens with a knee it becomes a knee injury.

hyperextended knee

The main reason of this injury is to stop suddenly or fast while running.The injury becomes suddenly when the knee is forced back at this time.Your knee joint bends in the wrong side that could cause the hyperextended knee surgery. Someone would also have the naturally hyperextended knee and he could also read this article. Knee hyperflexion is not a dangerous its routine for sports people.

Hyperextended knee symptoms

  • If this injury happens to someone, first of all, he will feel some instability in the joint of the knee.
  • Someone can feel too much difficulty while standing on one leg.
  • Pain is the most common symptom of this hyperextended injury.
  • The pain would be localized but could be low or high from person to person.
  •  The injured person could feel the decrease level in the knee mobility.
  • The most common symptom is feeling too much difficulty in bending the leg.
  • Swelling in the knee areas front or back is also a common symptom.

Mild hyperextended knee

Knee hyperflexion can cause mild or severe pain. In the mild hyperextended knee the person can improve after some rest. Anyhow the case for the naturally hyperextended knee is almost different. Hyperextended knee posture can be dangerous especially for the person in sports. The persons with hyperextended knee injuries are common issues and topic of the sports health.

hyperextended knee

Hyperextended knee recovery time

hyperextended knee recovery time 

  • Getting recovered from this type of knee injury could take the different time that depends on the condition of injury.Anyhow a simple knee injury can take at least 4 weeks to recover.
  • The recovery time depends on the care one observes during the injury time period. One who limits his activities and keeps the knee free from any pressure and stress. If some one has to face the surgical treatment than the recovery time could be from 4 to 6 months.
  • Many patients need the physical therapy to increase the knee function and mobility.
  • There are some other factors that affect the recovery time like weight, age, and gender as well.
 hyperextended knee

Hyperextended knee treatment

There are plenty of hyperextended knee treatments available so it is an easily curable condition. This is a soft tissue injury that needs proper rest, medicine and exercises.

  • Taking rest is one of the free and the best treatment for this type of knee injuries.
  • injury.A mild hyperextended knee could be treated just be rest.
  • The affected person should take off from office or college and leave all walking activities
  • He should use only the simple range of motions.
  • Using the pain reducing and Anti-inflammatory medicines are effective during pain.
  • The ice treatment is also a free and effective for the knee pain. Using ice thrice a day for 20 minutes can help minimize the swelling.
  • Use some compression on the knee with knee sport or knee wrap can help in reducing the pain.
  • Elevation of the leg could also help a lot in this situation.
  • Some people may need a minor surgery for the knee hyperextension repair as well.
  • There are many injured who are advised to have a physiotherapy for two weeks it also helps a lot.
  • A Yoga can also help in stabilizing the ligaments on the knee by strengthening the muscles near the joints. But be careful the hyperextended knee posture should be right.
  • Hyperextended knee braces could help a lot.
  • knee hyperextension taping is also becoming very popular in 2018.



Hyperextended knee braces

hyperextended knee braces are also a good treatment for the affected knee as it not only supports but also recovers. It is extremely helpful for the hyperextended leg support.It helps to keep the perfect ligaments of the knee.

Hyperextended knee exercises

These exercises are very helpful to bring your knee at his originality. It helps to get back its strength and alignment. Strengthening exercises should be started after 3 months when you are able to walk. Take permission from the doctor before starting these exercises.

1. Straight leg exercise is one of the best ways to strengthen your knee.

2.Quarter squats are the best to improve the motion and mobility in your knee. It also helps in strengthening the muscles.

3.Forward Steps ups are also good to increase the strength and range of motion in the knee. 
During the recovery period, the person must take some 
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