How to get rid of lice : Find some quick and simple home remedies

How to get rid of lice

Most of us want to know How to get rid of lice, it is not a difficult question if you read this article about how to get rid of lice fast. Head lice are the common problem in children and youngsters but lice home treatment is very simple and everyone can use it. If you try these home tips you will easily know How to get rid of lice.Lice eggs live on the head scalp and feed the blood of head.Everyone can get lice from other while sitting, playing or in a gathering.How long does it take to get rid of lice depend on your efforts to remove it? To know how to get rid of lice at home read it carefully.

How to get rid of head lice?


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Are you ready to know How long does it take to get rid of lice?


Where do lice come from?

It can be transferred easily through combine combs and brushes as well. The most common of lice is continues itching on the head and scalp and rashes as well.The problem is that it is not very easy to remove them quickly in one or two days. It is a time taking and tiring process. We are giving here some simple and effective home remedies to eliminate the lice permanently.
lice home treatment

Lice home treatment

Using a Lice Nit comb

Make it a habit to daily comb your hair for 10 minutes with a nit comb. It will remove the lice within some days.

How to get rid of lice eggs?

Daily use the nit comb for lice eggs.You have to use the comb just after the shampoo for 10 minutes daily. After one week there will be no eggs.

Nits but no lice

lice home treatment

Head lice home remedies

Neem oil for lice
Neem oil has antibiotic properties and it is very effective for lice removal. Apply neem oil as a shampoo and then wash your head.So this is how to get rid of lice fast.

lice home treatment

Lemon juice and Garlic

Mix both of them well and then apply on the scalp. All the lines will come out. It is the very effective treatment to remove the lice quickly and effectively.

lice home treatment
White vinegar

Use white vinegar for lice removal it is also very effective agent for the elimination of life.

Wash your comb

Wash your comb and brushes regularly for keeping your head, hair, and scalp clean.Change your pillow covers twice a week. Wash your towel after every two days for better safety from lice.To keep your child and your head clean from lice just wash your head with shampoo and after that use comb deeply.

lice home treatment

Baby oil for lice

It is also very effective to remove the lice.To avoid lice permanently apply a mixture of olive and baby oil gently on your scalp.You can get rid of this problem by using these simple home remedies.

How to get rid of lice naturally?

Getting rid of lice naturally, need effort and cost but it is very helpful for complete remedy.

1. Wet-Combing

One of the most simple and natural way to get rid of lice and lice eggs. You need to repeat this process whenever taking a shower.

2.Clean Brushes & Combs

If you want to get rid of lice permanently then clean the comb and brushes after using every time.

3. Herbal Anti-Lice Hair items

Choose the lotions and products for lice removal that are herbal.

4.Essential Oils for Lice

  1. tea tree oil
  2. lavender oil
  3. neem oil
  4. clove oil
  5. aniseed oil
  6. eucalyptus oil
  7. cinnamon leaf oil

5.Massage your head

Always massage your head before bathing. It will make them active then you can take it out from lice comb effectively.

6.Lice comb 

Lice comb is the best option for quick and fast removal of lice from the head. Now many electric lice comb is available in the market.

7.Lice Prevention head Clips

These are also very helpful to prevent lice from expanding.

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Getting rid of lice is not impossible but it needs some efforts and consistency. So you can get rid of it with these tips and products.  is not impossible but it needs some efforts and consistency. So you can get rid of it with these tips and products.