Green tea fat burner : Reduce your weight in one week

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Here is your health tip of the day that is about losing your weight quickly and burning your fat with green tea fat burner.We will share some simple ideas to lose weight fast here with this green tea fat burner.

Health tip of the day

If you are becoming overweight day by day then no need to worry. You should just have to change your mind. Believe me, there is no need of too much extra effort. You can just do it by following some simple steps. If you are searching for the best fat burner for men and best fat burner for women then must try this tip.

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Green tea is the best fat burner having some powerful antioxidants and substances good for health.Many studies have shown that green tea is the best fat burners and helps in quick weight loss.It is also very effective in reducing the belly fat quickly.

Benefits of Green tea

  • Green tea is a hot and flavored water in which the leaves are dissolved in water and give it a tasty flavor. It is a favorite drink like tea and coffee but it provides more health benefits than all other drinks.
  • Drinking a cup of green tea gives you many amazing substances good for health.
  • Green tea contains caffeine that is less than coffee but gives the sound effect like coffee.
  • It contains a lot of antioxidants called catechins.
  • It has EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) that helps in boosting the metabolism.

How to Drink Green Tea for fat burning?

These benefits can be availed by drinking green tea or taking it as a supplement. Green tea has an effective role in weight loss. Some studies showed that green tea users enjoy the normal food and fat burn side by side due to this beverage. For this purpose you don’t need to take a lot of green tea.2 cups in a day are well enough for everyone.
There are many types and varieties of green teas so choose the lemon grass or Matcha green tea. These are best for weight loss and healthy life.If you want to take green tea for weight loss then you must boil the water before and then pour it over the tea after 5 to 10 minutes. Then leave it for 5 minutes, add some lemon or sugar according to your taste and enjoy.

How to lose weight quickly?

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          How to lose weight in a week?

First of all, weigh yourself and do an analysis to find the root causes of this weight gain

Then, write down your own diet and exercise plan .You need to walk for 30 to 60 min daily. You can divide it in two times morning and evening as well.

After this take some fresh water and add lemon, cucumber and mint leaves in it and leave it. You have to drink this water thrice a day. Meanwhile just avoid from too much oily food and sugar. Take a good amount of vegetables and fruits in your daily routine.

Low Fat Cottage Cheese

What does cottage cheese taste like?

If you are using the best green tea for weight loss then don’t forget to use the low fat cottage cheese as well.


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Best green tea for weight loss 

If you want to know more about the best green tea for weight loss then there are many other options and products except green tea as well.

best green tea for weight loss

Finally, you have to follow a very very move your neck one time left and one time right when someone asks you to eat anything. By following this simplest steps you can loose your weight in one month. Don’t get upset for your weight in the start as it will take two weeks to work.No hurry no worry just be relaxed and do it with full peace of mind. You have your own life and choices. Being fit and smart is your choice of course. So before going to bed today decide what you have to do from tomorrow.