The amazing facts about Gametogenesis that everyone must know


Today we are going to tell some interesting facts about Gametogenesis a most of us don’t know what is the Gametogenesis and what is its future right now! We will also share the new infertility technology in vitro gametogenesis, its process, and some ethical issues about this process.



This is a process of developing the male and female germ cells in order to form a new individual.Gametes in the male are the sperms in testes and in females are the eggs in ovaries.In case of infertility in men and women, the in vitro gametogenesis process is done with a primitive germ cell. This process ends in a new being. This single germ cell has moreover forty-six chromosomes Pairs. These pairs determine the genetics of new baby like skin color, height, hair, eyes bones etc.The baby gets twenty-three from the father and 23 from the mother.


The process


Basically, it is a process of dividing the diploid or haploid precursor cells. In this biological process, these cells go through the process of cell division. After which these are formed into mature haploid gametes. This process is applied on human and plants both. Well if we talk about the human beings the process of gametogenesis is done by Meiosis that is responsible for the formation of sperms called spermatogenesis. If it is done with Ova then it is called the oogenesis. This leads towards the latest infertility technology 2018 the IVG, in – vitro – gametogenesis.

What are gametes?

Female gametogenesis is all about gametogenesis with a primitive germ cell.
The cells collected from couples are called gametes that form the zygote. Male gamete is known as sperm, while the female gamete is an egg.

in vitro gametogenesis 2018

This is a new fertility technique and scientists have already produced a mice with this in vitro gametogenesis (IVG). This process is in its early stages maybe it takes one or two years but it is a great progress toward infertility in women and men. In this process, the eggs will be made from skin cells which have opened the ways for scientists. IVG is no doubt a great hope for infertile people due to some dangerous disease like cancer sugar etc. Now scientists can turn the eggs or sperms healthy with some treatment. This process gives more variety to choose the genetics of baby like color, skin eyes bones etc.


Ethical issues of IVG

  1. Some people think that this method can devalue human life.
  2. Giving parents the option to choose from a large number of the embryo can create the designer babies which is totally unethical. It is against the rules of God.
  3. The Gene editing technology has also many ethical issues like devaluing the genetics, focusing on the designer babies.
  4. IVG will also make two or more genetic parents that is against the religious and social values.It will also challenge the legal rights of each parent.
  5. Still, it is not confirmed that will this technology be good for human or not.

in vitro gametogenesis cost

The IVF,  In Vitro Fertilization process, was a very expensive at the start but now gradually it has become affordable. Anyhow the scientists believe that IVG would make the huge production of embryos at a very cheap cost.So it would be less painful and less expensive than IVF.Anyhow it would be great for the future of infertility in men and women.