Find here the causes and quick home remedies for dry heaving

dry heaving

Are you searching for the causes and home remedies for Dry Heaving, dry heaves or retching then you are on the right page. Here we are going to discuss the Dry heaving as most of us have to face this situation in daily routine. 

What is Dry heaving?

The Dry heaving is just like vomit and nausea but here our stomach has nothing to throw out because it is empty. It comes up with a retching action but nothing comes up as the stomach is vacant.Dry heaves is a very disturbing experience and it could happen at any time.

Causes of Dry Heaving

It could happen due to many reasons but main causes are as under.

dry heaving


The most common reason of this dry heaving is pregnancy. Most of the women can face this dry heaving in the morning.


Stress and anxiety are another main reason of this retching.If you cause anxiety for many days then you can face this situation.

3.Acidity and Gastroparesis

Continues acidity and gastroparesis also cause this nausea like illness that can lead to abdominal pain and further in constipation.

4.Low blood pressure and blood sugar

These both conditions can also cause the dry heaving.These situations cause weakness in the body that results in dry heaves.

5.Too much cold drinks, caffeine, and alcohol

Taking too much alcohol, soda drinks and caffeine can cause this nausea type heaves.

dry heaving

 Home Remedies for dry heaving

Now, we are going to discuss the home remedies for dry heaving. If you want to know what can I do for dry heaving then read the remedies below.

Tips to get rid of dry heaving

  1. First of all, become relax and try to be cool.

  2. Sit in a well-aired room.

  3. Take lemon water and clear soup.

  4. Eat banana

  5. Take a piece of an ice cube in your mouth.

  6. Take some yogurt.

 Home Remedies for dry heaves and retching

1.Ginger tea with lemon is one of the best tips to get rid of this condition quickly.

2.Peppermint leaf or tea is also the best remedy for dry heaving.

3.Honey and lemon tea is the best remedy to improve the condition.

4.Cinnamon herb is also very effective to treat heaving.


Should I Go to a Doctor?

Dry heaves could be treated at home very quickly and mostly there is no need to see a doctor. But if you are unable to overcome the continues condition for many days then you must go to a doctor.

If you have following conditions for many days then must visit a doctor.

dry heaving

  •  Pain and cramping in stomach

  • Pain in chest

  • Too much headache and vision problem

  • Empty stomach till 24 hours

  • No digestion for one day

  • continues vomiting and loose motion