Find the causes, facts and myth behind the Cleft chin

cleft chin

Whenever we see a cleft chin we feel a depth and myth in this and we find those personalities very attractive as well.Let’s find the facts, reasons, and myth behind this cleft chin.This is also called a dimpled chin that is a different face shape that somebody has only.

Cleft Chin: The myth of Butt Chin?

If you are having a butt chin or cleft chin then it means you are a special person. Do you know that only 5 to 6 percent people have this type of chin?Many people tried to find the myth of this attractive butt chin as they believe that it says a lot about your personality.

cleft chin

 The cleft chin Facts and qualities of persons having this

1. The people having this special chin are more attractive than others especially women.

2.These persons have very interesting and special personalities.

3.The dimpled chin catches the attraction very quickly.

4.Do you know, many celebrities have cleft chins.

5.This chin could be inherited but it doesn’t mean that your child will also have a cleft chin.

6.Scientifically it happens when the muscle of your chin could not close then it creates a dimple on your chin.

7.Mostly, it happens that none of the parents have a dimpled chin but the children have. May be someone in 4th to 5th generations before had it.

8. Butt chin people are very dominant.

9.They get famous in their surroundings.

10. The people with this type of chin are sensitive and emotional as well.

cleft chin

Genetic Reason of Cleft Chin 

Cleft chin is caused by a gene that is dominant but it could be after two or three generations. A person in his life inherits two dominant genes that cause the shape of the chin.

Is Cleft Chin Surgery is possible?

It is not possible to remove this with a surgical process. There is only makeup that can hide the chin in women. It can be made less apparent with the makeup.Men can also hide it very easily with this growing the beard.

cleft chin

Famous Celebrities with dimpled chin?

There are a lot of celebrities who have this attractive cleft chin.

  • Emily Blunt

  • Demi Lorato

  • Fergie

  • Katy Perry

  • Rose McGowan

  • Adele

  • Elisha Cuthbert

  • Emily Blunt

  • Kylie Jenner

cleft chin

 Is Cleft Chin is only chin or something else?

Don’t worry and be thankful to God if you have a cleft chin as you are among 6 % of special people in the world. These people have special attraction and achievement in their life.

 Cleft chin genetics

Cleft chin is a is actually a dimple on Chin caused by the failure of the lower half jaw. So we can say that it is due to some fetal development. On the other hand, some people say it is an inherited face characteristic that is more prominent in men than women. The genetics is the main cause of cleft chin.

Cleft chin attractive

No doubt, cleft chin is a dominant facial trait that makes one very attractive. While a dominant trait is symbolized by a capital letter like C for the cleft chin. while the recessive gene is symbolized by a lower case letter (c for normal chin).Cleft chin men, women and cleft chin baby all look very cute.


Cleft chin personality

It is believed that cleft chin woman is always very attractive while men have an amazing personality with the cleft chin. Dimple in chin sign of beauty and cleft chin is a sign of cuteness.

How to get rid of a cleft chin?

There are many people who don’t like their cleft chin so they like to go for a surgery so the cleft chin surgery is the best option and it is now much advanced than earlier.