5 quick and simple home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief


Here we will discuss some quick home remedies for wisdom tooth pain relief that is not bearable at any cost and it starts at that time when you are on the bed to sleep then you need quick relief. Most of us have to bear this pain and unable to even move from our place due to this cruel pain.Wisdom tooth pain relief is not very quick and fast sometimes we have to bear if for many hours. Normally we have four wisdom teeth at four corners of our mouth. Wisdom teeth grow between the 15 to 25 almost but sometimes it appears after 30 as well. It varies from person to person.

wisdom tooth pain relief

If a person has the big mouth he will not have any consequences of this teeth at all. On the other hand, if you small or short mouth then get ready for the painful life. The problems occur because you don’t have enough space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to grow. So it starts creating problems for you by making it space and pushing other teeth.

home remedies for wisdom tooth pain
It all causes swelling, irritation, pain as well as bacteria growth.

5 quick home remedies for wisdom tooth pain

Here are some 5  quick home remedies for wisdom tooth pain

  1. Clove oil is one of the fastest and easiest home remedies for wisdom tooth pain. If you have oil apply it on the pain area. Otherwise take 2 or three cloves and hold them in infected teeth tightly.
  2. Garlic is also very effective in wisdom tooth pain relief. Just take a piece of Garlic , mash it and mix some salt.Apply this mixture on your infected area.

home remedies for wisdom tooth pain
3.Make a mixture of Oregano oil with olive oil and apply this gently on your affected teeth and gums. You will be perfectly ok after some time.

4.Rinse your mouth with low warm water. Add some salt in it and do it thrice you will feel comfortable after doing it.

5.Keep Benzocaine Gel always with you. It is very effective foe wisdom teeth pain.This pain can start any time so you must have all these things at home.